Steve Pybrum

He went on to serve on two important panels in Washington DC and has a Congressional medal of distinction and the United States Senate medal of freedom, acknowledging his knowledge, expertise, contribution and accomplishments to our nation.

Steve went to Cal Poly and has an immense knowledge and understanding of agriculture many call him the “king of agricultural taxation.” Steve has appeared on ABC, NBC, and CBS television providing information and reporting on tax law change and family financial planning techniques.Steve was a syndicated columnist writing articles for the nation’s newspapers and magazines, the articles were “Agri-Business Tax Tips” and “Business Cents.”

Steve has represented many farming companies before the IRS and has a proven record of victory and success in dealing with farm entities. Steve has taught classes for attorneys and CPA’s that explain how to deal with taxation issues of farming entities.

Financial services superstar. Champion tax planner and the author of two well known financial planning books. Pybrum has been featured on over 100 television talk shows and news broadcasts on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX providing information on new tax law changes, tax and financial planning tips.

Pybrum is a tax specialist who branched out into business operations, management teams, management structures and business growth strategies to help client businesses grow rapidly. With over 30 years of business experience in helping businesses succeed, Pybrum is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in business administration and MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Steve and his wife live in Montecito, California and they both enjoy the gym, golf, tennis and other outdoor activities.

Some achievements:

  • Syndicated Columnist
  • Award winning American Author
  • Television Personality
  • Screenwriter
  • Congressional Medal of Freedom
  • Agri-Business Tax Tips
  • Money and Marriage series of books
  • Appearances on America’s morning TV talk shows
  • Trophy’s

People choose Steve Pybrum CPA & MBA(tax) because of his:

  • Talent/Education/Experience and Awards
  • Syndicated Columnist
  • Agri Business Tax Tips
  • Business Cents
  • Newspaper & Magazine columns in the nations leading newspapers and magazines
  • Author
  • Money and Marriage-Making it Work Together
  • Money and Marriage-For Engaged Couples
  • How to Achieve Unlimited Success
  • Board of Directors
  • Independent Board Member
  • CPA
  • Teaching College Courses
  • Teaching Continuing Education courses of Attorney’s CPA’s Realtor’
  • Financial Planing, Estate Planning
  • Net worth Building methods
  • Masters degree in US Taxation
  • Trust Utilization
  • Millionaire Maintenance Program
  • Restaurants
  • Premiere Consultant to Food & Beverage Industry
  • TV Personality
  • more than 100 live appearances on talk shows and news broadcasts
  • on ABC,NBC,CBS, CNN, CNBC as seen on TV
  • Founder
  • Top Hat Productions, Model, Actor, Athlete representation
  • Controller Roundtable….controller networking group
  • Pybrum Company taxation and financial audits
  • Family Business Center…focus on married couples operating a business
  • Canberra Company….best small and medium sized business management consulting
  • Money and Marriage Seminars…financial planning seminars for persons in relationships
  • Convention Speaker
  • Productivity
  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Star Speaker
  • Custom Topics to Fit the Occasion
  • Seminar Leader
  • Embryo Group
  • Business Planning Group
  • Growing Your Business
  • Farm & Ranch Taxation
  • 4 Dimensions of a Business Enterprise
  • Pybrum-Nick Names
  • King of Agricultural Taxation
  • Nation’s Leading expert on money issues of the married household
  • Mediation Services
  • Marriage dissolution mediation leading to MSA
  • Contract resolution through mediation
  • Partnership dispute resolutions through mediation
  • Settlement oriented mediation & arbitration
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Civil and Criminal Case Court Victories
  • Ultimate fact finder
  • Find and resolve business issues in dispute
  • Management Consulting
  • Systems & Procedures & Analysis
  • Growth Strategies
  • Analytical Procedures
  • Internal Control Analysis
  • CEO Leadership Training
  • C-Suite Development
  • Corproate Business
  • Pilot
  • Ratings: IFR, Multi-Engine, Multi-Engine High Performance, Sea Plane

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