Money in Your Life

Entrepreneurship: Belive and Achieve

This is a masterpiece work of Steven Pybrum puzzling together the wide variety of things one must know and skills they must have to successfully embark upon self-employment.

43% of the US economy is made up of small, medium and large privately owned companies that are primarily family-owned businesses. Many times, people launch a business blindly and then after 3 years discover that it fails. If you are going to be an astronaut you might want to get some astronaut training before you embark on this journey!

This book goes over the leadership skills, the wide variety or roles a business owner must play to make the business work. One needs to find a product or service that is unique to the marketplace that customers will demand more of. You must be familiar with the industry you endeavor to enter and your must have some basic business ownership skills which the book carefully outlines.

One must have the mental, emotional and physical stamina to overcome challenge and change to guide the business on a course toward being successful. The book explains why people start a business and then take the first offramp and camp there for 30 years rather than continue down the road to better sales and profits.

There is a blend of business skills one must possess and the psychological make up that is found in successful entrepreneurs. This all makes for enjoyable reading. When you leave you will know how to tune up your business to run on all 12 cylinders and know yourself how to get onto the path of growth and prosperity. This book is for every business owner to read and understand.


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