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Money and Marriage for Engaged Couples" arose from Steve Pybrum's extensive experience, including over 100 television interviews, 400 national radio interviews, and numerous public speaking engagements across the United States. It serves as a comprehensive guide, born from the myriad questions Pybrum encountered during these interactions, aimed at couples navigating the crucial stage of long-term relationship formation.

The book emphasizes the significance of asking pertinent questions during the dating phase to foster a deeper understanding of oneself and one's partner-to-be. These inquiries delve into personal values, aspirations, and childhood backgrounds, essential facets that lay the foundation for a lasting 40 to 70-year commitment. By engaging in such dialogue, individuals gain insights that extend beyond surface impressions, aiding in the discernment of compatibility and shared visions for the future.

Moreover, "Money and Marriage for Engaged Couples" introduces the concept of the "choosing process," which facilitates the identification of a lifetime partner aligned with one's background, values, and future aspirations. It underscores the importance of clarity in expectations, highlighting instances where assumptions about shared goals can lead to unforeseen conflicts down the line. For instance, revelations that one partner harbors different attitudes toward work and spending than initially presumed can disrupt the envisioned trajectory of the relationship.

The book serves as a tool for introspection and mutual exploration, encouraging engaged couples to consider how their individual agendas and aspirations align. By fostering open communication and self-awareness, it facilitates a clearer understanding of the dynamics at play within the relationship and helps anticipate potential challenges or areas of misalignment. "Money and Marriage for Engaged Couples" thus emerges as an invaluable resource for couples embarking on the journey of lifelong partnership, offering practical guidance to navigate the complexities of merging lives and finances.


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