Money in Your Life

Making It Work Together - Version 3.0

This book started by some research from the financial planning side about family financial planning then discovered the #1 cause of divorce in the United States, money battles-the bickering, battling and squabbling married couple do, then when they get tired of the squabbling they get divorced

In searching the top universities than have psychiatry, psychology and marriage and family counselor training across the country, there was no coursebook and no tretise about the cure for the #1 cause of divorce. This discovery caused Steve Pybrum to spend 200 classroom hours and 1,872 beginning research hours in the field of psychology.

Steve took the psychology training and the financial planning information that he had already accumulated and fused them together, into an easy to read and follow book, that is half about relationships and half about financial planning steps a married couple can take to build their financial net worth. This in 1996 was the first book in the United States to tackle this problem and explain the relationship side and the financial planning side in one concise book. The first money and marriage book took Steven Pybrum to over 100 live television talk shows and news broadcasts.


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